abouts our team as a web development agency

About Us

Because talent is global we choose that our team be created from professionals across the globe , so we choose to not have a office where everyone can go to work from 09:00 to 17:00, but can work from their desired environment to create great value and quality.

So we have great developers from different continents and different countries with great skill sets that collaborates with us on interesting and innovating ideas

We have created projects from scratch ( frontend and back end ) for many clients across the globe that worked with us because of our original Pay By Crypto and Global Skills mindset.

We always test our web apps before delivering to our clients, because a satisfied client is a returning client. We are focused on delivering quality at decent prices, not at low prices , because our developers are professionals and should be payed fair for there work.

Because we are using crypto as payment there are no barriers as large commissions (from banks,payment processors) or delayed payments because is saturday or sunday and banks don't work and we can be payed from all over the globe.

We accept as payment Bitcoin,Ripple,Ethereum or Litecoin at the coinmarketcap.com rate.

We wait and hope that our skills be helpful for your business ideas to be implemented.