Now you want to invest crypto in a multi-billion dollar PC gaming industry ? ( view business roadmap)

Buy virtual stocks from us to our new video game start up and you will receive annualy payment into crypto from the company profits.

We are selling 4 000 000 in virtual stocks with 0,50 cents per stock that you can buy with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. This number of virtual stocks represents 40% of the company.

Note : the stocks are not refundable but you can resell to others in our marketplace.

What will be different is our strategy of selling the products in other owners websites without leaving them.

Just login and follow the steps from the video bellow

Business roadmap

Step 1

Selling minimum 100 000 virtual stocks

in progress

Step 2

Buying hardware and software licences

Step 3

Recruiting talent from across the world that will work remote to our PC's

Step 4

Creating the products (games)

Step 5

Creating unique affiliate platform that will allow affiliates to sell on their websites without clients leaving the website. The clients could pay via crypto or fiat currency .

Step 6

Selling the products via known platforms like Steam market , but also with our unique affiliate platform

Step 7

40% of the annual profits will be transformed into crypto to pay the share holders that have bought virtual stock depending of how much stocks they have acquired.