Questions about Crypto

Cryptocurrencies could be purchased from crypto exchanges with your credit card. In the videos bellow you can find examples

For a visual guide you can watch the videos bellow

The video bellow show you how tu use the coinomi android wallet

Questions about Video Game Startup

You can become an investor by purchasing virtual stocks

You must make an account to the platform and you will see a sidebar button in you dashboard user account named Become a investor

No you can't, but you can resell you virtual stocks to others with a higher or lower price per stock.

You are repaid annually with revenues in crypto depending on how many virtual stocks have you purchased

For example if in that year we have a profit of $100 000 000 investors get 40% of them meaning $40 000 000 that will be divided to 4 000 000 virtual share that investors have purchased (note that this revenues are tax free because they will payed to you in your desired cryptocurrency (bitcoin, ethereum or litecoin))

All investors would also receive free games that the company will be making and other surprises

After reaching the first step in our business roadmap investors will have a private platform where they can see all the steps from the company :(purchased assets, revenues,expenses, major payments like marketing).

Yes , the minimum purchase is : 100 virtual stocks.

Because then you will pay taxes(that is what is unique to this startup) so your revenue will be lower and also we will have to do more paper work depending of the country that you have residence.

We sale with $0,50 per stock converted in crypto,but the price could go up, so hurry up and purchase now